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Mullet with natural curls and no gray

Mullet Man about 1990

My Fro

Afro Days. Late 70’s until early 80’s


The Tales Of Two Ceilings


Frustration and Pain

In the recent past my adult son and I have had ceiling problems. Frustration was his problem and although we are pretty handy, we couldn’t fix this one. It’s freezing cold here in Eastern New York State this February. Everyone  has lots of snow on their roof tops and ice dams from the thaw and refreeze. That combination can cause water leaks. The water usually finds a way into the house through the roof and comes out where the ceiling meets the wall.  Or so we thought.

After quite a bit of focus and attention we tore a hole in the ceiling to drain the water and look for the leak. The twist to the story is that my arm has been in a sling for six months and I can’t fix anything with my left arm. I wasn’t much help.

He hired a repairman. Total cost was just over $100. A cheap and easy repair!

The water wasn’t coming in the house through the roof. It was in the house and leaking out of a faulty bleeder valve from the hot water radiator in the second floor bedroom.

We can fix this ceiling.

Turns out not to be as bad as it looks

Turns out not to be as bad as it looks



The reason I couldn’t be of much help was an injury to my arm. September 5th of 2014 I fell from a chair. Why was I standing on a chair? Well it was 3 am. I had been sleeping. My chair was ready as was my broom handle. And the Red Squirrel had been trying to nest in my ceiling just above the ceiling fan. For three days I worked with determination to chase him out with a jump to the chair and a thump on the ceiling. Away the squirrel would run only to return the following evening.

On that early morning in the dark, I awoke and heard the squirrel scurrying above the ceiling boards towards the fan. Hopping out of my bed through the dark house I grabbed my broom handle then onto the chair. I landed the chair jump, made a ceiling  thump and turned to dismount. When I turned (at 3 am in the dark and my underwear) I fell to the concrete floor. Damn, that hurt.

The squirrel's house

The squirrel’s house



I guess it could have been worse. It was very odd for me to be on the floor with an arm that wouldn’t do anything. I had to crawl to the phone to call 911.

Results. A broken my left clavicle. The repair was open surgery including a titanium plate with nine screws. That was followed by an extended time in an immobilizer style sling. What was unknown, was the severely torn rotator cuff.

Back to the surgeon for a second repair in January. I start my physical therapy February 17th.

One ceiling I couldn’t touch because of the ceiling I shouldn’t have touched.